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Indonesian National Committee

UWC depends on the dedication and expertise of an active volunteer based network called National Committees (NC). NCs operate in more than 150 countries to recruit, select and prepare students every year to join UWC colleges, schools and short programmes.

The Indonesian National Committee is the official representative of UWC in the country. In addition to its main responsibility to assist UWC in finding students from Indonesia to study at UWC colleges, it works closely with the UWC alumni and actively promotes the UWC missions in the country.

Every year, Indonesia National Committee will receive a list from UWC International Office of placements offered to Indonesian students to study at UWC colleges. Because of the limited number of placements and the vastness of the country, we strive to diversify the students we select to represent Indonesia. We encourage qualified students from all parts of Indonesia to apply, especially from smaller provinces. 

The placement offers from UWC colleges may include scholarships. The amount of scholarships may differ from one college to another. Although the Indonesian National Committee is also working to raise funds, there is no guarantee students will receive a scholarship package. Scholarships, partial or full, will be given only to students whose family demonstrates the financial need. A separate, rigorous process will be conducted to determine the financial need of the shortlisted candidates.

Members of the Indonesian National Committee include UWC graduates, parents of UWC students, educationists, business practitioners and other interested supporters of UWC movement. During the annual student selection process, the National Committee also work with many individuals and parties who contribute to the process in many ways. All members of the National Committee are on voluntary basis.

Individuals who are interested to participate in and contribute to the National Committee's work can contact us at