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About UWC Indonesia

1. What is UWC Indonesia?

UWC Indonesia is the National Committee (NC) that is 100% volunteer-run panels which:

  • Promote UWC schools
  • Select and prepare students for their UWC experience
  • Some National Committees run short programmes.

National Committee members includes UWC alumni, education professionals, community leaders, and experts in various fields.

2. What is “Info Session”?

Info session is a sharing session held by UWC Indonesia, where applicants and parents can ask questions directly. Info Session is NOT part of the selection. There is no fee to attend the Info Session unless it is held in a café, for example, where you will be responsible for your own drinks or food.

This year's Info Sessions will be done online throughout the application period. We will publish the dates and registration link on our social media accounts.

3. If I am applying to UWC, must I attend this info session?

You are not required to attend the Info Sessions to apply, it is not mandatory. As applicants come from all over Indonesia, you can always submit questions through our email or social media. Please be aware that we will only respond to questions where the answers cannot be found in this FAQ. All relevant information is available online here on this website.

4. Can my parents/guardian/teacher attend Info Session?

Yes, they can. Please follow instructions to confirm your attendance at each info session.