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About Selection Process

1. Is it possible to choose the UWC School that I wish to enroll in?

You may indicate and rank your school preferences on the application form. However, NC has the right to make the final placement decision according to your application and assessment results.

2. What are the steps in selection process?
  • Stage 1: Online application
  • Stage 2: Assessment 
  • Stage 3: Review and Nomination
3. Do I have to come to Jakarta to join Stage 2?

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, the selection process will be done online.

4. Can I have someone else to proofread my essays for Stage 1?

We do not recommend doing that, we would like to see your original work.

5. Do I have to submit my TOEFL result?

No, however, you may submit the result if you have taken the test.

6. Do I have to already own many achievement certificates to apply?

No, you don’t have to, but you are welcomed to submit proof of achievements if you have them.

7. When will the application be opened?

Please check on this website or stay tuned on our social media. 

8. Which year duration of school transcript (semester result) that I have to submit to apply?

Please submit transcripts of the latest four semesters.You must submit even if this includes the semester transcript from your Junior High School.