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Fees and Scholarships

1. Are there any fees to apply this year?

Yes, but you may apply for a waiver if you are not able to pay (please see point no.2). The non-refundable fee is IDR 50,000. You must pay this amount to receive your login credentials. Details of the payment process will be available when you register online. This fee will be fully used to support our scholars and selection process. 

2. What if I am not able to pay the application fee?

UWC Indonesia is committed to creating and supporting a diverse and inclusive community of students from every financial background. If the application fee is an issue to you and your family, there will be an option for requesting a “Fee Waiver” once you start your application. Please note that we may request additional information or documentation.

Requesting a fee waiver will NOT affect your application in any way. 

3. Does UWC provide a scholarship?

UWC is not a scholarship program and the selection is a merit-based process. However, scholarships may be available to applicants depending on offers from UWC schools. They may include all-inclusive scholarship, full scholarship (exclude extra costs), partial scholarship, or no scholarship. Financial assistance (partial or full) will be granted to an applicant based on the parents' financial capability and the offers from the UWC schools.

4. Is there a specific form provided to apply for the scholarship?

No. As mentioned previously, UWC selection is a merit-based process. All applicants will automatically be eligible and be considered for a scholarship.

5. How much does UWC education cost?

The fees to attend UWC vary from one UWC school to another. You may check the details on the respective UWC school websites or here.

6. What does the cost/scholarship cover?

It is different for each UWC school, but it usually covers but not limited to: 

  • Boarding houses/dormitory/halls,
  • Room and its interior (wardrobe/closet, bed, etc)
  • Meals
  • Books

We recommend to check on respective UWC school website for more details. 

7.Are there other extra costs not covered by the school fee/scholarship?

The following extra costs are usually not covered:

  • Visa and travel expenses
  • Pocket money
  • Other reasonable extra costs incurred by the student

Please note that occasionally, the NC may receive an offer of an all-inclusive scholarship which cover these extra costs that may cover all the costs above. However, this offer is quite rare.

8. What kind of accommodation is provided at UWC schools? Do students have to find or rent a house or apartment for themselves?

At all UWC schools, students live together in a dormitory. The dorms can be located within the school premises, or within the town nearby. Each room is usually occupied by 2-4 students.